Is there a way to fill in mined areas?

Dug too deep would like to undo.

You could build slabs on top of each other to fill the hole

That’s what I am trying now, will post what sort of results I get :smiley:


There is no official way yet, but that is a good idea.

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Agreed. I think this is an excellent idea. Especially if you have to mine for particular minerals… making the map look like swiss cheese isn’t something I would be fond of.

Throw all your Extra junk you don’t need and slab it up and call it your garbage dump :slight_smile:

Seriously though, would like to know if filling it in using the slab tool worked pls.

I’m thinking this is where your geomancer would come in sometimes.

But for now slab does work, but only halfway of filling. because, if the villager don’t fit they wont work.

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It sort of worked, but it was really difficult and there was still a hole on the map even if folks walked over it.

Hi… suggestion : why not a extra work for the mason ?.
Using extra stone for create a block to fill the hole ?
My mason when i pass lvl 3 is no more used , only for extra cash on merchand…

hmmm perhaps until the geomancer will be relased - green slabs? only to get the correct color would be tricky :smiley:

Another popup idea :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:
Now in the game, you have to mine 10-20 block for 1 stone item…
If you change on 1 or 2 block = 1 stone, you have plenty stone item…
with this, you can use it for plenty …
example :
Stone status with a artisan sculptor
Stone for water pipelin with ingenieur.
you have much more stone mre than wood.
In this alpha, you can grow wood…