Is there a command to destroy all of type?

I have tens of ladders at a time getting stuck after building platforms over water. Is there a way to destroy all ladders in came as opposed to manually clicking on each and typing “destroy”?

Two days later in game all followers suddenly marched to the ladders and removed them. So issue resolved, but still curious about the destroy all function (if it exists).

Hey there @jerwalker, welcome to the discourse!

I do not believe such a command exists at this time, but let me ask @yshan just to be sure.

Hi @jerwalker
There is no such function to destroy all items of a type. I think it would be very dangerous to have such a function, because it’s possible one of the objects is being used in some way that would be bad to have it destroyed. If it ever gets to a point where you’d wish you could destroy all items of a type all at once, then that’s probably a sign that there’s a bug in the game somewhere and we should fix that bug instead :smile: