Is it possible to over test StoneHearth?

I thought after a couple of months I was going to play StoneHearth and I did just that came back, it is super stable now just look at these pictures I have 4 houses being built 3 20 by 20 farms and telling my workers to harvest stuff all at the same time and the game can handle it perfectly fine.

hey there @JackPB … its great that your particular experience is stable…

as for “over testing”, you have to consider all the moving parts that go into the games development… you may have only just scratched the surface of actions you can perform with the latest client… and there is still an incredibly long list of more “things” to be added going foward…

with each and every new (added) action the player can take, each prior action runs the risk of breaking… so while it will eventually become less and less important to test certain aspects of the game, we are definitely not there yet…

keep plugging away and reporting your findings! thanks! :+1:

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I found 1 problem after they finish building a house they take the ladders down and leave some logs on the roof and then there is no way of getting them but other then that everything seems to work fine.

Build your own ladder up the side of the roof, then once they’ve collected the wood, order the ladder demolished :slight_smile: .

As for over-testing SH, hah! Go modify the files and try managing a population of, oh, let’s say 200 people. Be sure to assign them all jobs to do :smiley: …

That didn’t take long :confused: what do I do O_O iv tried reloading the save

Given that I just filled the top 20ish posts mostly with bug reports or confirmations of bug reports, nope! :smile:

The game has actually been pretty stable lately. I have the most trouble with crashes on my ATI card but otherwise the worst I normally are minor performance issues as I build stuff over time or little errors here and there.

Be sure to search the Discourse for bugs you encounter and post if it’s a new one! Thanks!

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I’ve had both of these errors previously.

The first error means pretty much you’ve hit 30 + days, The second is just saying its not finding dirt but there’s no real issue that I’ve experienced from that error. These are bug / Glitches but as long as you can keep playing it will not effect your game play. If it just spam’s for a while I left it for a few seconds and then just clicked off it again. Just a little work around I found :smile: