Introducing Hearthsonas!

Hello Stonehearth Community Member!
Who? Me?
Yes! I’m talking to you!
What do you want?
Have you ever wanted to be apart of something more in this community?
Yes, this is a nice place!
Have you ever wanted to give up your entire social life and act like a Hearthling in the real world?
Wait. What? No. That sounds terrible.
Of course you have!
Who are you? Leave me alone.
But now you’re wondering, how do I abandon everything I’ve done in my life to pretend and be a Hearthling?
I’m calling the police.
Well the answer to that question is now simple with this new life saving product by Zilla INC!

Introducing the Hearthsona!

This amazing application allows you to create your own Hearthling design. You can change everything from gender, to skin color, to hair, and much more. After you create your amazing Hearthsona, upload the designs to, pay $75 (plus tax and shipping) and in 30-60 business days, you can start acting out your Hearthsona in the real world! Wow!

*Base model subject to change

When any fan base grows large enough, it’s always a step in the right direction to start acting out the game you love in the real world! Imagine the reaction you’ll get when you walk around town wearing a Hearthling head pretending to chop down trees!
You’ll become the favorite child of your parents
You’ll become the coolest kid in school
And more!
With the small payment of $75, you’ll instantly become the envy of your town, because everyone wants their own Hearthsona! Be the one to start the new trend!
You maybe thinking, “Oh. I’ve tried these types of products before, and they’ve never ended up working”. Well not here. You’ll get the official Zilla INC seal of approval, proving that your product will make you the most interesting person in your town
*Results may vary

So what are you waiting for?! Go and start what will definitely be the next big trend in our world today! Be known as the one who started it all, for the cheap price of $75!


This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen! My only question is, where can I escape give you my money?

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