Interface stops working after a time

I have come across a bug where the interface does not respond. The only keyboard command that will work is ESC. if i click on a workbench, nothing happens.

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Press F5, it will reset your User Interface.

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Yes, I have done that but it still doesn’t respond. Saved games that are saved after this happens continue to not respond after restarting.

then I cant help you :confused: Does any error code up?
taging @8BitCrab <-- he knows a lot more xD

hey there @phillyphil welcome to the discourse :smile:

could you perhaps give more detail as to what you were doing in-game when this happened? were you mining, chopping trees, building, etc.

and, as @ParaGumba said, did an engine error come up when this occurred?

also, could you perhaps provide the save file?

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he knows a lot more xD
[/quote]i do…? well you learn new things every day :wink:

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