Interesting World Seeds

a little bit late but I really love this one @Banto. Amazing island without this ugly dirt fields. and also on two levels


Nice find thanks :jubilant:

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You’re welcome :wink:

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hopefully make a town on it in the future but game crashes all the time for me so waiting until some patch arrives :cry:

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ohh really? i just started the game after a long looong time. What i found was really amazing, new faction, new ui elements, everything new! But i have to upgrade all mods to make it work properly with the new faction :frowning:

Strange for the chrashes, Mine works fine :confused:

Hope they can fix it as soon as possible. Can’t wait to a next episode of your Youtube videos xD

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Yeah i have no idea why i get a lot of crashes to desktop in the recent patch but i sent them my stonehearth.log i hope it helps :slight_smile: saw few others have problems to and this was even without mods :open_mouth:


Yeah had far too many crashes myself

Does anyone know if landmarks tied to the seed (and therefore worth showing off here), or are they generated randomly later like ores and objects are, if I remember correctly?

I guess I should probably ping @Malley for some of the landmark questions?

They depend on the seed, but also on the exact point within the large map.

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That’s nice to hear, except for the fact that I’m now just loading new worlds over and over to find the perfect landmarks already there to build by :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone seen the giant skeletons (assuming, of course, that they even do spawn naturally at this point)? I haven’t seen a single one, so if anybody’s got a seed with one, please let me know!

do we know of any seeds that have land marks in upto now?

Here’s one with two promising areas. 1557704391
In the URHS (upper Right Hand Side) along the top edge there’s a ‘hill’ that could be home to a reasonably sized settlement. Doesn’t have a lot of easy minerals/stone. There’s also a spot nestled in the mountains near the center with lots of trees that looks like it would be easy to wall off a couple of spots and made a secure zone. That spot has easy access to every resource.

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Sorry, I am referring only to the highlighted area, not the whole map.

another near identical

Does someone know a plains seed with a bottleneck canyon like in 120?

This one seems like it would appeal to a few people on this topic. 154734497 There’s an isthmus, a couple rock-surrounded hidey-holes, fair amount of water … Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Those 2 islands in the bottom left are pretty amazing

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Sorry to bump a some what old thread, but I’m also looking for a plains seed with a bottleneck canyon, if anyone is able to help. :slight_smile:

How does the map make difference in different kingdoms?

I came here to find some interesting seed for Arctic, but I didn’t find any so I rolled a dice few times myself and this is what I have found:
First one is just a peninsula with default map options

On second one and a third I used Extra map options. Second one looks on map like another much smaller peninsula, but when you want to settle you are going to find it’s connected to land from both sides. (I used default settings)

Finding the third one took me much longer and I had to change few settings to find it, but for me it was worth it :slight_smile: (Map is set to large, with 5 rivers, and it’s a water world)

And I found a real island too (On default options - medium map and one river):

I hope this will be useful for someone :wink:

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