Interesting World Seeds

This the first seed that greeted me upon starting a new game. I haven’t looked into any of the spots yet, but I’m settling in no. 4 for sure. Seed is 588594053.

First of all, spot no. 1 is a nice and secluded, heavily forested area with easy access to minerals, and quite a lot of them. It would probably be a very easily walled-off and protected place for a settlement, although there is no water for the bonus crop harvest.

Spot no. 2, depending on where you settle, will give you good access to water and plains for farming and trapping/herding, good access to minerals, or a somewhat restricted access to both, plus a lot of trees.

Spot no. 3 can be settled right up against the mountain, perfect for gathering lots of wood and minerals, and it is also very close to water for farming. However, building space is somewhat cramped if you decide to build right between the mountains and the lake.

Spot no. 4 allows water for farming, lots of trees, enough space for a large settlement (if you settle to the right of the lake) and definitely lots and lots of minerals.

Enjoy! Tell me how the other three spots are. Either way, I’m going to keep this seed tucked away in reserve for the far future - if seed/world generation doesn’t change, because I feel like this would be the perfect map for multiplayer, with one city at each location.

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the world gen part will most definitely change in the future, im unsure about seed gen though.

On the northern tip of the curvy lake there are more then enough berry bushes for All!

Upon inspection of spot no. 4, there are a TON of berry bushes. Just look at the picture!

Also, @8BitCrab - will a change in world generation cause seeds from earlier versions to give different results? I’m not sure if you know but if you do that’d be great :smiley: because I definitely want to re-use this seed.

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now im not 100% certain, but a change to world gen most likely will change compatibility of seeds. say, eventually they are going to be adding more types of ruins and dungeons, so this world doesnt have any of those in it, and the seed wouldnt work.

take MineCraft for example, when an update comes, old seeds are changed. so every update (from 1.7 to 1.8 for example) you need to get the new seed for your old worlds. otherwise you would end up with a totally different wolrd, that just happens to have that seed.

make sense?

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. :confused: Perhaps Stonehearth will be different and just add these new features into the same map when world gen changes? Haha probably not but I can only hope. :smiley:

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here’s a kinda cool one,

the spot circled in red is not bad, tough it doesn’t have that many berries, but that doesn’t matter.

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This one is good for some mountain carving, the central peak is 6 levels high, quite large an pretty central.


While I’m here,


Area near cursor has a hole perfect for building a natural amphitheater or arena, as well as a bit of water.


Lots of lakes and nothing but valleys


Seed# 670157070
Large peninsula in the lower left corner, with a bridge built it’s a reasonable distance to ore and stone


This popped up first when I embarked! Woohoo! No never-ending reroll! lol

Seed# 1551087661

Huge island (with a little digging) nestled comfortably in a narrow, easily defendable canyon. @8BitCrab I figured you might like this one, we seem to have similar playing styles

Edit: Yup. Great area for defense and resources.


indeed! i’ll have to check this one out later.


The bottom right corner is nice for some inner forest within carved city!


Guys, I’m looking for a map similar to the last one by @Boulderboy, big, enormous lake BUT it must be in a plain and if possible some more lakes on some high grounds. If you stumble upon something like this, tx to post it!


later today i might go “seed hunting” (continually re-rolling maps for seeds, and getting pics of any good ones) so if i come across any like that, i’ll make sure to post em.


Tx @8BitCrab but I spent some time re-rolling without success so I decided to go another way (you may see the why here)…

(Anyway, any good map is still welcome of course!)


Maybe this one will be useful? 892882239

Ah, nevermind, I’ve just seen you’ve found what you were looking for. Nice idea!

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Center area has a cluster of four large lakes which could be easily connected to form an enormous island, good access to resouces and wedged into a large valley




The big picture: