Interesting SGT II Seeds?

Anyone discover any interesting seeds? All the ones I’ve tried look different but all very similar. Nothing really stands out yet.

So here’s an interesting thing we can now do. Enter your date of birth DD/MM/YYYY format into the Stonehearth Graphics Test Mk2 and post what you see.

I’ve moved you over here @Crobo so we can just have one thread discussing seeds :slight_smile:

I don’t think there will be an outstanding seed. They are probably only influencing the placement of the different terrain types and trees within a given range.

Some “interesting” seeds I’ve found so far:

  • Seed “1” - Huge grassland in the south and massive mountain in the north which almost separates the map.
  • Seed “999” - The starting settler stands on top of a mountain
  • Seed “6454” - If you can make it over the mountain in the south-east you might find a nice starting point in a “pocket” with natural protection.

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seed: Steffers

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Usually we merge posts based on chronological order, … but the content of your thread was created on this idea of using our birthdays and was a game, whereas this was more general discussion regarding the SGT II… I felt it more appropriate to merge yours into here rather than the other way around.

Seed “17” could be also an interesting starting area. The settler is standing just in front of a platteau surrounded by mountains. The area might be big enough for a small city.

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07061998 (what a wonderful seed that is ;)) has mountains along the whole of one face but not really anywhere else…kinda cool as they go :wink:

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Fair enough. Was just curious is all. :smile:

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Yer that’s fine, I thought about it before I merged and thought you might question it :slight_smile: but yer, usually we’ll just merge things based on chronology, but we’ll always think about the best way to merge threads!

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I tried your idea of using my date of birth 23/10/1989. Have to say i really like that map perfect little valley.