Installing Several Mods

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Can you play with different mods at the same time? They all require to change the .smod but as far as I know you can’t really put them together then, can you? Any answer would be appreciated. (Tagging some modders: @Miturion and @Avairian)

yes you can, If you use the method of installing from stonehearth files with the mod in it rather then overwriting a complete stonehearth.smod file. In other words you need to download the and install it with the method in the guide.
The last one just overrides the files of the first one.
Say if you wanna play with say the japanese people of @Avairian in the desert of my mod. Just install my mod first, then the japanese one. His people skins will overwrite mine mod skins of the people.

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Okay. Thanks for the answer! :smiley: