Insane time consuming lag

I bought the game recently and I am experiencing difficulty playing it.
My game lags so badly that I hardly could do anything
Every time I make my people do something simple like cutting trees or craft something I have to wait 3 minutes for them to reach their destination and when I tell them to build something like a house or stairs at least 45 MINUTES TO FINISH CONSTRUCTING and usually it glitches and does the most random thing like a floating goblin camp or a flying sheep (too bad it wasn’t a pig XD)
I know I have a bad laptop and the game is in alpha but seriously I never lag that much in Minecraft
Is there a mod that can help you to stop lagging or is there something wrong with my laptop?

could you post your system specs? that would be the first step to finding the problem.

and, are you playing the humble bundle or steam version?


I bought the game through humble bundle and my computer specs are AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon ™HD Graphics1.70GHz

so you downloaded it from HB? or did you get the steam code and use that instead?

I downloaded the game from humble bundle

ok, are you playing the 64-bit or 32-bit version of the game?

I am playing on 64 bit