Informative UI, can help

What I’m talking about

A menu in the UI to let us know the current number of workers without jobs we have. The number of workers with jobs, where each is listed separately by name and profession. And the number of available promotions (tools in storage) we have.


The menu could be accessed by clicking in a small button in the top right corner of the screen and after clicking a small rectangular screen would appear bellow it showing the information (shown above ^) and could be scrolled down revealing more information


To let us have a better control of our town services once it gets bigger. To let us have a quick and easy way for searching information related to jobs, professions and number of unemployed and employed people and in what they are employed.

A bit more on the How

The information could be presented like this:

0/0 workers without a profession
0/0 in the army (combatant classes)
0/0 in professions
0/0 Tools in storage
Type (tools): 0/0 saw (no more tools in storage, so it ends in the last tool)

(In alphabetic order)
ahis name here - Carpenter
banother name here - Mason
chis name here - Carpenter
dhis name here - Trapper
… (scrolling down would reveal more)

Didnt Age of empires 2 have this sort of things?

looking at this I think it’s different

I agree once the village gets to any reasonable size a good worker management UI will be vital; I’d also love a way to see what my guys are currently doing. Before I start a major construction project it would be good to know that most of my workers are already working on bring in the harvest or what have you…

I think Tom has hinted in some of the Live Streams that this is something Radiant is definitely keeping an eye on and will allow for more sophisticated controls as your village gets bigger.



I believe it was a mini map option that would display idle villager and other economic info