Have you ever wanted to have infinite bacon, that magically floats, sizzles in one hour and is also the best food source you can get? Well this is the stuff for you!


- Home-grown bacon

[Download now, while it’s still hot!][1]

Okay, in all seriousness, I made this mod to test out the new farming, and how you mod it. It took longer than expected, and with a bit of help (thanks, @sdee), you have your lovely home-growable bacon. However, if you’re trying to play the game and have some small extras along with your gameplay, do not install this mod. The food this mod adds is quicker to grow than all others, and has better effects. You have been warned.

A serious farming expansion will be released by myself at some point.


I see no reason for all the disclaimers… we’re talking about bacon after all…

well done @Alfie! :+1:


if there is one word that can instantly make anyone hungry, it’s “Bacon”


Unless you are vegan or vegetarian.


There is Vegan Bacon, you know?


Well, yeah, and the pig’s vegan, and the grain fed to the pig is vegan.


Well with this mod you grow bacon, so it’s a vegetable. :wink: