Infinite Inventory Should Be A Gameplay Experimental Setting

To begin, I understand why inventory limits were put in place. But at the same time, especially with the talks of decorating rooms to increase moral, I feel it’s a little too…limited, especially since it counts the items that have been placed. All that being said, I found that a single line change can turn infinite inventory back on. This is easy enough, but it’d be nice to have this as an experimental option, like the speed 3 option, so that it doesn’t mark the game as modded.

Yeah, town inventory limit is really annoying for me as well. Especially when you start to dig big underground tunnels, you get tons of ores. And since the blacksmith isn’t that fast at smithing, your town inventory gets full very fast.

The problem is that the effects are much worse, and much more persistent than for example game speed 3.

If you notice that your computer can’t cope with speed 3, you just don’t use it, or disable it. The effect is pretty obvious and the chance that there are lasting issues on your save are very slim.

On the other hand, if you go over the inventory limit at some point, it’s hard to go back (especially if you don’t have a save earlier). Your game might become slower and slower, maybe unnoticeable at first.

There are many components that are affected by inventory size. Many things that are searching for items, or entities, for example get affected. So whenever you have one more entity in your world, that entity is found by various pathfinders (I would roughly estimate three times the units in the world).

Plus, how do you deal with different settings? If I’ve disabled the limit, save, enable it, and load, what happens? Can I just not add new entities until I’m under it again? (Are the services etc. capable of dealing with this scenario?) Will some random items disappear? Does it even take effect?

It’s a checkbox that would likely be turned on by many, until they’re noticing that they’ve somehow screwed up their save, at which point, they would like to disable it again, or get under it again… but that might not be possible anymore.

I would assume that this could be treated like the population limit. If the population limit is set to high, then changed to a lower number than you already have, it disables new arrival till you’re back under that specified number. Checking infinite inventory on and off could be the same way.