In game use of class

How do you pronto the footmen class to an assasin? I have the mod I’ve made the scimitar but how do I promot him to it same with all the other class mods

The assassin mod (and some other mods) is currently outdated. With alpha 21 (or might have been 20), changes were made to the way the promotion ui works. This causes all mods that add jobs, nad arent up to date to not work. You might be able to work around this by using the console (ctrl c) and use the promote command while having the hearthling selected and typing the complete path to the job, but untill the mod that adds the assassin gets updated, you wont be able to normally promote anyone to it (and since the mod is not updated, some errors might even occur if you promote him to assassin).

So do u know which class mods are currently working with this version ?

I currently use cafe mod, wizard jobs mod and chabonit mod (jeweler) as job adding mods, which are all working fine. Allmost all of the mods in the current mods category are working:

Which wizard mod though ?