Impatient Travelers

Title: Impatient Travelers

Summary: The time between the bell ringing sound of the Traveler box notification and the disappearance of the dialog is far too short.

Steps to Reproduce:

The triggering of the Traveler event the notification sound (shop bell) goes off.
While player is doing anything else such as building or highlighting a work designation area, the player needs to hit escape to cancel what they are working on
By the time the notification sound finishes playing, the dialog disappears.

Expected Results: Players should have enough time to respond to the dialog, prompted by the sound notification even if not looking at that part of the UI.

Actual results: Players become frustrated because of missed opportunities.

Notes: Not all players will use the pause function while laying out constructions and designating areas. Attention is therefore directed towards the task at hand, rather than new elements of the UI. Given that, for example, placing a wall segment (as opposed to a floor designation) requires the player to hold the [Shift] key down in order to make walls in one continuous and non broken structure such activity may be halted or even broken requiring player to delete existing blueprint and start anew. By allowing a few more seconds after the notification sound plays, the player doesn’t experience frustration of missing out thus creating greater satisfaction in gameplay. In older players reaction time is often lost. In younger players, reaction times have yet to be developed. Given that Stonehearth with its simple and clean lines appears to appeal to an all ages demographic, requiring lightning reflexes for an integral part of the game seems counterproductive.

Synopsis: It’s a pain in the neck when you’re planning something out and you have to give it up to go attend to a short duration UI prompt. Little Kids and Old Folks don’t have the reflexes of a young adult. Please find a balance between the notification prompts and the pace at which the game moves.

That’s why there is a notification button which opens a new window with a list of all active notifications that you could have missed.


Ah, I see your point. Well that was a waste of time then. My bad.

on the other hand, the icon could flash or something if there is a notification >.>


Not really - it’s good to have reports of people who’ve not understood the UI etc, because it helps Radiant: if something’s not obvious to newbies, it needs fixing after all :slight_smile: .

The exclamation mark should appear only when something happened.

I +1 the idea of it flashing or a colour change (perhaps its greyed out until a notification)

By your comments, it looks more like a suggestion than a bug, so I’ve changed the category. Thanks for noticing this and suggesting other ways of handling this issue and/or making it easier for players.

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