I'm Surprised This Forum Hasn't Been Overtaken By Trolls

Think about it. Most forums get overtaken by forum trolls in the first few months, but this forum has been running for about a year, and I haven’t seen one forum troll yet.

Oh and I’m back on this forum after ANOTHER long break. :wink:

i try not to… it keeps me up at nights… :smile:

i am sure it has to do with the way @Geoffers747 glares at each and every new member who joins… they simply fear stepping out of line…

as for this thread… hmm… to close, or not to close… that is the question… :stuck_out_tongue:


The suspense!!! :smiley:

There was one account just today spamming about Lancashire Home Designs? I just flagged his thread and post for spam and I see the mods have moved swiftly and deftly. I do happen to live on the border of Lancashire (an English county (which are like tiny states)) for those of you who don’t know what/where it is…but I swear it wasn’t me!

looks around nervously

For future reference, the swift furiousness of clicking the “ban account” button for those two accounts will be enacted again in the future should the need arise.

Thanks for flagging though :smile: that is what we need, helps us out a lot!

To close good sir.

Direct any hate mail my way!

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egads! we had our first spammer? i miss all the fun stuff!

pouts in the corner