Im sorry Ive been mean

i was an ass.
now im less ass
can just do this

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What in the hell? :confounded:

I didn’t notice you being cruel to anyone… What is this about?

This maybe? It hardly deserves a formal apology topic.

I’m sure all is well, @sommerbreze

Dunno. :question:

Though, It did make me laugh a bit, for some reason. :laughing:

A strange apology.

Such a nice man:D

I have a weird sense of humor.

Try taking this test. No reason, it’s just fun.

Though it is nice to see someone ask for an apology, I am still confused on why you are asking for an apology, though, seeing as you have done nothing over the top, unlike you know, that dog.


i have wrote stupid words, and you are all so nice and frindly, i have learned something i here, that is high value.

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I had 24 good neutral, 23 true neutral, and 22 bad neutral. I had 4 points in ranger, 2 in cleric, and -24 in monk.

whoops that was a slightly different thing…

good neutral… yeah that’s about right…

You are 22.2% Good.
You are 15.4% Lawful.

Alignment: True Neutral

hmm, Strange… but not to inacurate… or is it just so accurate I do not see it?

I think I broke it…


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I got Neutral Good. Looks like I’m not that evil.

Keep in mind these are not moral absolutes. Evil is just mean and good is just nice.

Well kinda, but I mean if you’ve gotten through all those questions and managed to come out evil… you probably are :smiley: . At some point, meanness has to cross over into evilness.

@Teleros You really hurt my self esteem.

Well, at least there’s hope for you then :wink: .

This has really gone off topic.

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@EpicDwarf your right.
We accept your apology. @sommerbreze

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You are 47.2% Evil.
You are 12.8% Chaotic.
Alignment: Neutral Evil

  You do whatever you can get away with. You are out for your own self interests. You care little about those who you hurt, no matter what the cause. You have no love for order and don't believe that respect for laws, traditions, or codes of conduct make one better or more noble. On the other hand, you are not restless and have no love of conflict.
  You are the stereotypical“Malefactor.” You represent evil without variation or honor.
  Examples of charactersand people who fit into the same alignment as you include Stalin, Long John Silver, and Sauron.