Im lookinf dor a mod thats like the conveyerbelt mod from alpha 13

is there any simaller mod that i can use to get conveyerbelts to quickly move items to the town and have my hearthings move the items from there to a storage (beats having to wait 3 game days to have the hearthings move items clear across the map

I don’t think anyone has tried to update Zulser.

does zulser still work or does it need to be updated

Hmm, how hard would it be to update Zulser?

Like is it engine changes that make the script not work anymore?

Or is it mostly json’s that would need to be updated?

i think just the jsons would need to be updated might be a hook change or 2 not sure how many engine changes have been made

Given the complexity of Zulser, and the hacks I had to pull, mixed in with the changes of the AI that have happened over this time, but without further investigation, I’m going with “It’s going to be slightly annoying and certainly not just a bunch of JSON changes”

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