Ignoring the alarm

Trappers and off duty soldiers ignore the alarm you raise when you want everyone to get to a safety standard. If soldiers are off duty they should heed it.


I’m unable to reproduce trappers ignoring the alarm. For off duty soldiers, it is unlikely to change for 1.0.


I think I have a game where this happens. I’ll see if I can reproduce it.

Ok. I’ve reproduced this.

In this picture, you can see a group of undead on the left (amongst the trees), most of the townspeople running to the banner (at the top-left, you can see their blue paths), and you can see the trapper (center screen).

Before I hit ‘r’ key for town alert, the trapper was near the trees on the left, doing something in the trapping zone there. I then pressed ‘r’, and the trapper started running to the right, as you can see in the image (see their blue path).

here is the save I started with. I “played” for about 15 minutes before I managed to reproduce the problem. Lots of triggering town alert mod and following the trapper:
1530988175937.zip (6.2 MB)

and here is a save that is right at the same point as the screenshot above:
1531426365232.zip (5.1 MB)



+1 to this.
During Skullbonker’s siege the Trapper actively ignored the alarm, forcing me to remove the trapping grounds so they would back into the town and to safety.

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I’ve noticed every now and then the trapper sort of listens…we need off duty soldiers to come in too, they’re off duty because of health most likely so it’s dangerous for them to be out there.

Still haven’t been able to reproduce this, even with that savegame. The trapper follows town alert every time for me. @Relyss, have you seen this before?

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I think I know how to repro, although the trapper goes to the banner eventually (but a more advanced scenario should keep him distracted for longer, like in the screenshot above).


Should be fixed in the next release.