[Idea] Mod Database/Hosting

Hello All, I had a idea and was looking for peoples input. A StoneHearth Mod List/Database with free hosting. Kinda like the Mine-craft Curse Database. Im thinking about starting this project up myself.

Each page could have the following set by the mod creator:

  • Mod Description
  • Changelog.
  • Downloads
  • Screenshots
  • Reviews

Please let me know what you think of this. Lots of possibility

just gonna toss it out right now, this should be under suggestions :blush:

But its not something i want them todo i was thinking about doing it myself. Not looking for them to make any suggestions on a category to put it under?

ah yes, sorry i misunderstood.

well this idea has been tossed around a lot here on the discourse, i will try and find some of the other threads when i get the time

man am i forgetting my manners, Welcome to the discourse :smile:


Thanks, I’m going to mock up a prototype tomorrow. I’m hoping the game developers won’t mind my idea.

well @SteveAdamo @Relyss could page them for you :blush:

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I should say that this has been discussed quite heavily by people. IIRC Radiant plans on doing this themselves in the future, and I believe there is already a third party one somewhere. I honestly don’t use it but I’m sure other members he know what I’m talking about. Good luck though! Welcome to the community! :smile:

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[quote=“Nicedude80, post:8, topic:12065”]
Radiant plans on doing this themselves in the future,
[/quote]ah yes, one of the plans with the website redo, right?

I’ve been AFK for awhile, what’s all this about a new website? Could someone give me a link to radiant info? I’ve been hearing random stuff about this.

This is a good idea, and, not to rain on your parade, but it’s been done multiple times since alpha 1, and I don’t think any of them lasted longer than a month =[

There is just not enough mods at the moment, and the game is still constantly changing, so practically every update breaks all the mods. I can think of 2 mods off hand which work for the current version… both of which were made recently (aka, they haven’t had to update yet)


well as far as i know all thats been said by TR is in this thread,

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No, I don’t think it has to do with the website. It will be an ingame thing, whether they just use steam workshop, or their own system. I think I was part of a discussion on this along time ago before alpha 1 was out. Anyways, radiant is the best developing team in the world, I’m sure they’ll figure something out.