I use evolve vpn software

Hey guys i use evolve vpn broadcasting software https://www.evolvehq.com and if this
is running before the game is the game refuses to start but if i exit this then run the game the game runs fine and i can then launch this to stream i use it because it has a built in overlay that includes a chat and a viewer count so i can tell when people are watching my stream (i do alot of commentary and dont like when i have no one to hear it so i usually save the commentary for viewers… i know why it refuses to launch cause evolve injects the overlay as a dll into stonehearths processes and stonehearth does not like it could we possably get a built in stream capability that would make life so much easier

As a guess: You’re right. Stonehearth uses the chrome web browser to generate the UI. I’m guessing that your vpn software has a chrome extension which is causing a conflict with the game UI.

Definitely one to add to the watch list for software that causes the game to not launch


naw it uses a chrome extention to connect to twitch chat and show me the number of viewers