I have a mining problem

Hi, I want to make my houses inside rock but im making it with a high of 8 blocks. The problem is that after a high of 5, they dont mine the 3 others. I guess they can’t make ladders either because it’s inside a rock. How can I make them mine the last blocks?

Here is a screenshot to show the problem. Thank you for the help ^^

Hello there

Yes, they can’t reach up there - they can only reach 5 voxels high. They won’t make ladders automatically either, not for digging.

When you want to dig “high”, ideally you start from the top and then towards the bottom. This is the best way to do it.

In your case, however, you could solve this by building a 3-tall “platform” inside each house. Build them with cheap materials and once they’re done digging, just destroy them!

Something like that:


Ill try that thank you!

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