I don't even know

Summary: haha mortal you thought the void had no trashbins. Clearly, this is the void, and clearly, there is a trash bin

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Not sure when this happened, but I think it started showing up after removing a massive number of items using the eraser command


Version Number and Mods in use:
Miner mod


I have a feeling you ordered the destruction of the Titan before it was even born :smile:


Got a save that this can be repro’d in?

e: Oh yeah, and the save explodes with a weird error when loaded. I forgot it did that.

Thanks for the save. We haven’t fixed these bugs yet, but it’s a good repro for 3 issues that we’ll follow up on later:

  • The initial error is due to the player color being set in the wrong format. Unclear how it got into this state. Any insight you might have would be useful.
  • The off-world clear toast is attached to a bed fixture. Unclear how it got there either.
  • That building project has some performance issues that may be easy to fix.
  • I don’t know anything about the player colour. I have never played SH Multiplayer, so I didn’t even know there was a player colour. The error was not always there, it started happening about 3 in-game months into the save.
  • The only thing I remember doing with beds is the following: I built a couple of the included Shared Sleeping Quarters. After developing my town, I decided to exchange the regular beds in the sleeping quarters for fancier beds. I ordered the beds inside the Sleeping Quarters to be undeployed. However, my hearthlings never actually went to undeploy it (another bug, possibly? try undeploying an item that was placed as part of a template), so I improvised, and had them move the beds out of the house, and then I used the eraser tool on them to remove them from the game. That’s the only time I remember removing beds this way, and it might be connected to another bug, so it may be a good lead.
  • The building project wasn’t super optimized, you probably noticed that the stone stockpile was far away from the majority of the construction. However, yes, I did notice hearthlings running up to the walls, hitting them once or twice with a hammer, and then running back. As a result, the building project took over a week to complete, but it did complete without errors in the end.
  • Since my save seems to be a good source of bugs, I’m going to report another bug I’ve encountered in the same world, and I received some reports about it in the Steam comments section of my mod. It doesn’t actually have to do with the Miner directly, rather it has to do with the huge number of items on the floor the Miners create. At some point, hearthlings stop picking up items off the floor. They still respond to other commands, like delete and town alert, and they eat and sleep as usual, just don’t pick anything up. Opening their AI Inspector shows the scheduler apparently constantly re-arranging, or destroying and re-creating, some tasks. This happened regularly as I was digging in layers depth-wise in the big hole you see in the savefile. If you’d like, I can upload an earlier save where the hole wasn’t so deep (I think it’s 1 or 2 layers off the bottom layer right now, so it’s hard to mine deeper). Also, when you select several maximum-size mining areas, the Miners will only mine the first 3, and leave the other ones. I’d have to remove the mining zones, and re-make them for them to react.

Why your town icon (at the left bottom) is super big?

Guess I’m just a stud. Is it not supposed to be so big?

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No, this is how it looks in a24:


Weird. I’m not sure why it’d be like that. I’m going to try a reinstall and see if things get fixed.

Probably a mod overwriting more than what is needed

I’ve disabled everything but debugtools and Miner, reinstalled the game, and it’s still like that. No clue.

Check your Rayya mod, at ui/start_menu/town.png if it is the big image. If not, something somewhere is overwriting it

I’ll take a look, thanks!

Mine is larger like that as well, always been from what I recall.