I donated $30 and I am supposed to have access to some exclusive forum. Where is that? Is this that?

i donated 30 and i am supposed to have accsess to some exluseive forum. where is that? is this that?

hi @herrabanani … this is the main forum for all things SH… whether a “room” will be setup from here, that is exclusive to beta backers, I’m not entirely sure …

but i do know that that place doesnt exist yet (or, at least we cant access it yet), and likely wont until after the kickstarter campaign concludes…

folks who donated at that level will probably receive an email directing them to the location, once its available… stay tuned! :slight_smile:


I’m sure it will end up being something similar to what other kickstarters have done. There will probably just be a section here with a different set of permissions so that only people who participated in the kickstarter can access it.

Plus considering majority of us have not paid yet, nothing needs to be done.

I guess after the kickstarter ends, the biggest issue will be linking this account with our kickstarter account or paypal, to make sure every one has the right perms to this or that.

(am i safe to assume this is the Forum we shall be using?)

that was my assumption as well, but we just dont know for sure… and given all the “growing pains” we’ve seen recently, perhaps there is another forum application they have in mind…

Guess we’ll find out in 1,5 days, there are supposed to be backer-only polls, so i figure we get a seperate section on this forum, i’m liking the discourse system though

One of the guys stated that they really liked Discourse during one of the livestreams.

It does have it’s moments of annoyance, but for the most part I find it refreshing and easy to work with, personally I hope they stick with it!

agreed… at the onset i was a little hesitant (as this is my first time using this application)… but it has definitely grown on me… i like the “social” aspects of it quite a bit…

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My guess is the exclusive forums. Won’t happen until they collect the money from KickStater and Paypal. Also. once the beta is out. So, we have a while until the exclusive forums are out.

There is also the exclusive backer forums with development updates though that we can all enjoy, assuming u backed it.

I think you got the kickstarter rewards confused; donating $30 gets you access to “exclusive developer updates and polls,” but donating $5000 will get you access to the developer forum.

Okay, so for some dumb reason it says “New users can’t put images in posts,” so here are links to my sources (images from the kickstarter page):

Click here to see $30 benefits and
click here to see the $5000 enefits

The $30 also gets you access to the beta-backer forum - not sure when it goes up, possibly closer to release of the beta.

I was referring to the $5 perks, didn’t realise it was done through kick-starter. my bad

When do we get the “demo/digital beta” once we kickstarted for 30$?

@herf18 Timeline for beta is December this year :slight_smile:

I’m always so shocked to see how few people understand how Kickstarter works.

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unfortunately, a lot of that has to do with the fact that tier descriptions are “locked” once a campaign begins… so developers are unable to clarify exactly what their backers will get at a certain pledge level, if there is any confusion…

and with that, i am off to the airport… see you all when i’m back in Texas… :smiley:

And now my watch begins.

How long are you away for?

im actually heading back now… i’ve been in New Orleans at the MSFT TechEd conference all week… you cant get rid of me that easily! :smiley:

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