Hunting Zones [Choose what to hunt]

Hey, so I got the game today and I LOVE IT! good job, combines my love of city builders and voxel games.

Though I’ve been playing and I was like “Oh look you can hunt things!” and then I did. and well I got a fox…and well. I don’t much like killing of fox’s and I wish to release it but I can’t and that makes me sad. :frowning:

I think this is a nice little idea to add to the game, because well you can set which are hunted in the zones. so you can give the game a more lore-ish job too! since you can have bunnies in one area and wolves in another and so forth. And also I can save the fox’s! :smiley: which makes me happy! so, If it’s not to much of a burden. would you kindly please like to add this?

Thank you very much for reading and considering it.


hello thewre @AmbientWaves welcome to the discourse :smile:

i rather like this idea, it would be helpful and interesting. hopefully TR looks into adding this when they make another visit to the trappers development.


I can imagine in the future the zones being adjustable to the size class of the animals you want.

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No spoilers as to what might be coming from the modding community, but I’m just gonna put this screenie right here.