HP bars in Citizen manager. Suggestion and little mod

Firstly, I want to say that new Citizens manager is very cool and useful. Thanks team for it.
But now I can’t leaf citizens and look theirs main stats: hp, morale, exp. In old versions I could open [List of citizens] and [Detailed info] in same time. I think it will be great to add this bars into Manager.

So, I add bars from [Detailed info] to Citizen manager, and you can download it. But in fact, I have problems - I don’t understand how to extend JS-class and HTML-template yet, and i just copied and extend full files.

citizens_managment_bars.zip (5.8 KB)


Looks great. Moved to modding for now, but going to page @yshan to come see this on Monday!

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hi ^^ in the old citizens manager you have only see what he does :wink: what you mean is under more info in the character sheet :wink:

BUT your idea is good but i think the hp ba is enough ^^!

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Hi! I mean Character Info. On the screen, when I select a citizen in the right window (old Citizen Manager), the left window with Character Info show this citizen and I can see his main stats. In this way I can look a lot of citizens fast (and I do this often ><)

I agree, HP bar is main, of course and EXP bar is looked less often.
The Morale bar don’t need so close in fact.


little nudge @yshan :wink:

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