How to Upload Save Files

Hey there everyone,

I just had a quick question.

Had can I upload / send my Stonehearth game save files to the discourse?

I’m looking to report a bug and it would be best if I included my save file in the post.

Thanks for any help!


hey there @DontCallMeSurly, feel free to upload the saves on the discourse, though they might be too large for that… if it is too big you could always just upload it to a site such as googledrive, dropbox, etc… then provide the download link for us.


Roger that. More than likely I’ll give DropBox a try.

But, how would I upload something to discourse? For instance, if I was making a post, how could I include my save file in that post?

I’m not sure if that’s possible; I only ask because I’ve seen others do it.



There is an upload link in the options when you type your post. The one with the up arrow.

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@DontCallMeSurly, there are a few things you should know about uploading.

  1. You need the proper “permissions” to do so. That involves becoming a Basic user (see trust levels) which you already have.
  2. There is a file size limit of 10 MB. You will need to use an external service (like Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc.) for anything larger.
  3. Assuming all that is OK, to upload you would use this button which is located in the tools bar when making a post (see below)
  4. From there, you would select the file from you computer, or link to a file hosted somewhere on the web directly. Note that if the file is too large and you upload it to Dropbox or the like, DO NOT use the uploader for the link to it, as most file storage sites do not make the file directly accessible, and thus the uploaded will not work… Simply paste the link directly into your post.
  5. Once you select “Upload” you will the “Uploading…” appear in your post while it complete the upload. Once the file appears in your post, you can submit it. It should look something like this:
  6. Good luck!

along with that, you can actually just drag and drop the file/picture into the post.

Thanks @8BitCrab, I forgot about that!

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To @Tuhalu, @jomaxro, and @8BitCrab,

Did not know it was that easy… Wow, I’m blind for not seeing that.

Thanks for everyone’s help; especially @jomaxro with the very detailed description. Believe me, a person like myself, that helped out a lot. I live under a rock, so…



You are certainly not blind! Anytime you work with a new interface it can be tough to find everything.

I work at a computer help desk, and help people with a giant range of knowledge, so I like to be a detailed as possible the first time. :smile:

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Mind blown! I didn’t know you could do that.

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It looks like discourse limits the file size to a bit over 3mb though so for anything but a really early game it will be too large. I’ve started spanning archives at 3mb each so I can continue to upload them but it’s a bit of a pain. I wonder if it’d be possible to increase the upload size limit to something a bit larger, say 10mb, so that we could upload save files here easier.


My problem was not being blind but being a derp. Under the box containing the file path it says select image, so being a derp I assumed that the only files you could upload using that function was image files. So I had to take about 30 min to figure out how to use dropbox to create links to shared files a feature I had never used before.

Hmm, that’s interesting. I never use the upload button, I’ve always just dragged and dropped. Let me look into that. Thanks!

Sorry, I wasn’t more clear. I ended up having to use DB because the file was too big even in a compressed state. I also attempted to drag and drop after I failed to realize that the upload feature does accept any file not just images.

Regardless of file size and your specific situaiton, the text there is incorrect. It should be displaying the list of allowed file extensions.


Speaking of uploading save files. How do you use someone else’s save. I would assume that you would just download unzip and then drop it into your saved files folder then find it in the load game menu. I tried that and it didn’t show up. So have I done it incorrectly or is that something that isn’t possible?

That should be it. You should be dragging the folder after unzip into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games assuming a default steam install. The folder should be a 13 digit number with 4 files inside, client_state.bin, server_state.bin, metadata.json, and screenshot.png.

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Copy the folder that’s named 123129312318923812 or something along those lines.

Put that folder in your game_saves folder with other folders named 123988871923129.

Start game, load games, boom

EDIT: DARN YOU @jomaxro!!! I like my answer better.


/facepalm. When I extracted the save file, I did it to a folder with the same name so it was folder inception and I am assuming that’s why the game didn’t recognize it. It works now.


Update: It was in fact a bug in Discourse, thanks again for the report @Greymatter! The upload button will have a correct title and helper text when the next Discourse update is pushed, likely within the next week.

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