How to give people a item like a axe or something


i need help i wanna give one of my people a axe but idk how to do it pls help


For the Axe, only a Footman can use one of those. You would just need to craft it via your mason or your blacksmith. If it has higher Attack, they will automatically pick it up.


What type of axe?


Giant bone axe


do you already have the axe? do you want to spawn the axe? is your footman high enough level to use the Axe? you may need to be a bit clearer about your question i fear :stuck_out_tongue:


A northern Alliance mason can make it and you have to tell your footman to use two-handed weapons and they should equip it if they meet the level requirements.


How does that work for armor. I got armor from a merchant but my soldier does not wear it.


What kind of armour, and does your soldier match the required level?


need to check that


Yes this and they will only equip it if the armor has a higher armor rating/defense.


oh the problem was the level my soldier only has level 3