How the herbalist made a miracel (screwed up)

While my villagers where hiding there ass, cowarding from the massive hard mode mobs that would not give them a break, my herbalist was quite busy learning all the plants and potions he could make. He was searching desperatly to find a repellend so the mobs would leave them alone.

At last the herbalist thought to him self, i have found the prober combination. Little did he now what it was that he created, when he poored a little bit of his new found potion on the ground. The hole ground started to shake, the villagers thought they had another thing to fear. They so hoped they where wrong, however soon the daylight started to fade out as a

giant mushroom sprouted from the ground. Not willing to admit his wrong doing the herbalist quicly proclaimed his creation as a natural wonder of this region. He determend the giant mushroom had magical healing proporties. If only the healer could somehow keep up his roose

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and just for the fun of it some more pics