How many time per-day do u come here?

im curious on how many times everyone visits here

as for my i visit it 3-5 times per day (´゚д゚)

wait… we can leave the forums?


Probubly 2-5 times an hour

Something around these lines. I tend to leave the discourse open and check it randomly when I’m on the internet, which is most of my time I spend outside of work. =P

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I have it as one of my homepages, so whenever I’m on my computer (which must be around 8 hours a day) I check it constantly…I’m seeking rehab to cure my addiction but so far nobody seems to cure forum addiction? :crying_cat_face:

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It’s 2:00 AM local time. Can’t stay away too long dearies!

I don’t have a fixed schedule, but I guess now that this forum is on my list, every 2 hours i guess.

I just open it up with the other games forums I visit and check new stuff out for a few minutes… answering useless questions (obviously not this post), banning people who don’t worship me enough (wherever i’m mod), helping people out some times and so on.

I don’t know what you guys are talking about… My browser constantly has this page open… The only reason I’m not on occasionally is because of the fact that I am not constantly on my computer, 24/7.


Maybe you should be then…XD

Lately I’ve been coming here twice-thrice a day but I don’t post much. I’m lurker pro!

@ManOfRet Sleep is for the weak, socialising is for the needy.


bonus points for using thrice so casually… :100:


I usually go on here 3 times over 2 hours although I watch videos of it almost constantly :wink:

Weekend, about once every 1 or 2 hours.

Weekday, probably only once or twice in the evening.

It varies, it really, really does. I can go from checking it a half dozen times in 10 minutes to not checking for 2 or 3 days at the drop of a hat, normally though I’d probably check at least 3 or 4 times a day.


I’m constantly on, as i never turn my kindle off, and always have the Fourms up.

Once or twice a day maybe…

Whenever the spirits of boredom haunt me.

lol i guess we now know why we have such a good moderator in the discourse

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I would pick you up on the “a” good moderator, but @Geoffers747 recent lack of activity is leading me to question his loyalty myself…is he…is he seeing other forums? :scream:


hahaha… aww, cut the poor guy some slack… it’s like, what… 1AM over there? :smile:

still, i have seen him eyeing other forums… and he hardly ever notices me anymore… :crying_cat_face:

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