How many Qubicle models for Stonehearth?

Hi, i would like tout know how many models (including and excluding variation of the same model) are already made, how many are currently in the game and estimation about the number of models at 1.0 release. I know that they begun modeling before kickstarter and that they continue modeling even if news models aren’t implemented.
It’s only to evaluate this stealth working that we can only see in live stream.
Thank :smile:

If I was to guess in the game RIGHT now, About 300ish. Maybe more? Total I’d put it around 5-6 hundred. They’ve been at it for like over a year now, and some time before that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have more.

stonehearth.smod contains 357 different .qb files as of Alpha 6. Back in Release 27 (in February), there had been 136 qb files. This does, of course, not include any user created files.


Thank, i think they have more than 300 not implemented yet, think about all bunnies, goblins, zombies, squeletons, ans others, before kickstarter the only job made was modeling. Many thing seem modeled but not coded.