How I describe Stonehearth and a Intro [sug]

The best way I found to describe Stonehearth in as few words as possible.

Desc: A light colony management building sim in a high fantasy setting.

Ever since I seen the map rendition this has been playing in my head every time I make a new world…

Cut scene: [Camera] starts above the clouds and descends down zeroing on a caravan circled around a camp fire. Once it becomes hearthling level is looks around the scene and narrows on the main tent. Slowly makes it way through the tent folds and in the center lays a old wooden table, A lantern is suspended above. The camera positions itself in place of the lantern and points down on the table revealing a blank map. In the lower right corner a quill and ink above it a old leather bond journal. Off to the other side a old compass with a sexton above it. [In the background] you can hear the campfire crackle.

Slowly the camera hovers above the journal, the journal slowly opens… (Start the normal story mode you have in the game now when picking the race you want and continue on…).

Once that is finished the camera hovers over the blank map [cue] rolling and selecting the map you want to play on… begin.

It’s like a song that you can’t get out of your head until you finally hear or sing the song. So I feel if I take this time to explain it, it will keep it from driving me crazy lol.

Don’t ask … I just needed to put it out for peace of mind :stuck_out_tongue: