House without walls (or one up to three)

Hi there,
for some of my building projects I need to build a house or roof without walls (or a house with one up to three walls), only with columns.

Something like this:

You can build this from hand but it is tiring, since I have to build ladders too.

Oh and it would be nice to build it really close to an existing building, like this.

Or just help me building awnings easier :smiley:


I know this struggle from first hand and I do have to say it is difficult. Tom has stated in the past that he wants to add different roof types, but that was when he updated the building UI. Since then not much about it has been said, I too would like to see other roof types.

Good idea op.


Iโ€™ll second the โ€œpatioโ€ idea. Having two walls would also be good for a โ€œbarnโ€ type structure.