Horns that give buffs or call for help!

Hello There,

I’m a really big fan of Lord of the Rings and I would love see Horns in the footman/knigh costumes. I mean, horns like Baromir’s Horn which is used to call for help in the movie.

All the warriors of lord of the rings has an Horn and it’s a simple thing that mark the book and also the movie. It would be interesting if one of the footman or knight could have one as a costume in his outfit or you guys could do something even better. Use it as an skill… and when they want to throw a buff for the team, they could just use the Horn. It would be such an interesting mechanism and animation for the battles and also fun!

Imagine they using it and giving buff of strength or making a nice sound in the middle of the war. It would be amazing. This is Boromir’s Horn, in my opinion it does not seems so hard to convert in cube graphics.


There are two similar mechanics in place already – they’re not a “call for help” mechanic as such, but they do act to give a buff to nearby troops and encourage them to fight harder.

The first comes from the Cleric, and is a high-level skill (if I remember correctly, the Cleric gains it at level 5) which causes all affected hearthlings to gain a strength boost. This comes on top of the Cleric’s natural courage-inspiring aura; so it has the exact same effect as a battle leader blowing the horn to rally the troops around them.

The second effect comes from the Knight, which also has a straight-up courage boosting aura; but also has a high-level skill that draws the attention of both allies and enemies alike. While this skill looks more like a battle cry when it’s in action, its effect is more passive.

With all of that said, I’d definitely be keen to see a horn or trumpet or similar that can be equipped to allow hearthlings to call for aid, or alert their allies to danger. Perhaps any soldier equipped with a horn will blow it when they notice an enemy, automatically triggering a town alert? Or perhaps the horn only triggers a special alert for the soldiers; the audible cue would allow players to decide whether they ring the bell for a full town alert or let the soldiers deal with it for now…

Oh, and it’s also worth pointing out that soldiers will already come to the aid of hearthlings who are under attack; and this includes other soldiers :slight_smile:


Yes, it would be amazing!!!

Quess how (according to the skill description)the knigth does that. A horn.

Oh, that’s nice. So, I personally think an animation for that would be simple amazing. It may be epic, dont you agree ?

The way I see it, the knight’s taunting ability and courage-boosting has the exact same effect as a hornblower rallying the troops – enemies switch their focus to that knight, and allies stop running away and come back to the fight. Any allies close to the knight will have their courage boosted, meaning that the knight effectively forms a strong-point in the middle of the battle… doubly so if there’s a cleric accompanying them, since the knight and cleric will buff each others’ courage and double-buff/combo their buffs on the other soldiers around them.

There’s no specific “to me, warriors!” skill, but the knight’s passives and their aggro-drawing combine to give the same effect. The cleric’s active strength buff + passive courage buff looks a bit more like a battle cry/sounding a horn as a rallying call while it’s being cast, it doesn’t form a knot of soldiers fighting around a key figure in the same way that the knight’s skills do.