Home sweet home 🏡


looks like an accident in the namingscheme, stonehearth on the left should have been the mods name in that items file. should be an easy fix for the mods author.


Yeah I thought it may have been an unintended inclusion since the picture is just a scribbled over picture of a brightbell, and it gives brightbell flowers (pink original version) when harvested instead of the recolor/renamed version.


Ohh i see :open_mouth: there are some bugs. Have to take a closer look to solve this ones


Btw. The flower was just a wip, i’m a little bit surprised to see it in the published version. :thinking:


No problem, heh. I got around it by disabling the mod when I started a new map and then activating it again afterwards. Here’s hoping it’s an easy fix. :merry: