Home sweet home 🏡


Hello Pingu :slight_smile: i been using the Nordling Kingdom mod and my carpenter cant seem to craft your decorations.
Probably locked recipes to Ascendancy?
Love your stuff and would like them in my houses :jubilant:


Yes i think this is the problem Banto :smiley:

I want to make some changes for this mod but unfortunately i had not enougth time in the last months :confused:

I was also thinking to make more single mods out of this big one just to make it easier to update it for the final version.

But i’m not sure about this. Thats why i will ask you what you think about it

  • Good idea, make single mods
  • Nope, i just want a single one with everything

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What kind of ideas do you have about dividing it? per profession?
No worries pingu life goes first :smiley: ! :heart:


@Banto, my first idea was to dividing it into professions yes, but i think a division in model functions would work better.

Like lights, plants, furniture, decorations ecc ecc…

For sure i will make for this a Steam Collection so you only have to subscribe to the Collection and don’t search for all of them :smiley:

Yeah unfortunately the time is really a big factor :confused:
I have to generate models for the new faction too…


That could be a nice idea :slight_smile: a collection would be good and that one could be something like “Home Sweet Home Complete” :smiley:


Yes! That was exactly my idea ahahaha :smiley:

Ok, i also want to update some of the models to make it more compatible with the new Game Design. Dividing it into smaller Mods it’s such more easier to complete it :smiley:


life goes first, we are all in this boat i fear :’) -still hoping for a little less hours in the near future-


Yes you are right @Wouter_Sikkema :smiley:
But i really want to update this one too ahahah

It’s always the same problem. So much things that you want to do but unfortunately don’t have the time for it


hi , i copy here my bug report on the steam


“stonehearth:catalog”: {
display_name and description
need change : " entities.storage.pantry_ " into " entities.containers.pantry_ "

shelf_cook.json and shelf_cook_ghost.json

“models”: [
need change : “file(…/shelf/shelf.qb)” into “file(…/shelf_carpenter/shelf_carpenter.qb)”

sorry if you have already fix ( but not update yet )


Ahh i see there are so much more things that doesn’t work :frowning: