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If you are going to add a lot of very specialized items, it could be a good idea to add those to a new class that craft them.
Else, you can simple create a category in the crafter menu to place them all, not mixing with the other items.


yes i already created a new category. monuments and statues

but i’m a little bit disappointed how they have to look. for this i used a ancient style, egyptian. I’m just not sure if it’s good to make such connections to reality or if it’s better to create fantasy ones like the monkey shrine or the rabbit statues are


Whatever floats into your imagination! Maybe they worship the varanus or the poyo or the presumably extinct Buck-buck!


Some Hearthlings are crazy enough, they may well worship a cactus, think sheep are gods, or be obsessed with the bunnies
(Don’t tell the Benefactor that I think she’s crazy)


Just an idea, why don’t you make an exotic “trader” that’ll give you the recipes as an event?


These are just wonderful @pingu, I use them all the time, and they compliment the existing furniture so nicely. :heart:


This was an idea i already wanted to integrate. But i’m not sure if i can make it work xD

I’m not so a pro coder. But i will give a look at that


I’m glad you like it :smiley:
It would be also nice to see some in game screenshots with the mod in use :slight_smile:

I’m a little bit curious about how it looks xD

Ohh yes this are good imputs! Thx
Of course there will be some monuments for this too

Ahahaha yes you convinced me to make also “strange” altars xD


I haven’t touched the GM in awhile, but if you need any help let me know :slight_smile:


So much help, thx guys ^^ i will definitely take a look to this feature

I’m working also on two other mods. Maybe this will be great for one of the other mods


Bring light to the world (part1)

Finally Update 2.3 is online! In this Version i added some new light sources to the game, for both kingdoms.


The stone fireplace is modular, so he changes design when you place it on the map.

Rayya’s Children

Some wanted also that the brazier works as patrol points. Added two special models for this to the mod too :wink:

I hope you like this update. It was very funny playing with the particle effects to make it work :smiley:

As always… if someone find bugs and other problems please let me know.

Downloadlink in the first post! :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

BTW: share with me some screenshots of the models in use! :smiley: :smiley:

Appeal Update

Want to add also the appeal to the models but i wait when the Alpha 23 is stable :smiley: :wink:

Patrol points for guards?

New Mod Updates will come in 2018, after the ALPHA 23 release!

Seems there will be a lot of changes for the furniture and decorations and i want to make the mod as compatible as possible for it.

Plans for the next Updates:

  • Bring light to the world (part2) – with more Rayya models and some other Updates like chimneys
  • Forge it! – furniture and decorations for the Blacksmith Workshop

As usual, i appreciate it if you want to share some of your buildings and rooms decorated with the models of the Mod! :smiley:

Write me @pingu if you have some questions/ideas to make the mod better. Also for model ideas. I’m always happy to have some feedback from the Community :wink:

At least but not last.

I wish you all nice holidays and a happy new year :gift: :dizzy:


Thanks for an amazing mod beautiful decorations for us all and i hope you will have a great holiday and looking forward to your updates next year :smiley:


Thx Banto ^^

Yes, for the updates during the holidays i will have more time to finish an incomplete one and working also on this mod :slight_smile:

Just want to see where the Appeal-Function from the Radiant-Team is going :smiley:


Does not work with 779


Mods don’t usually update for unstable releases, too much changing. Since the appeal system exists, they’ll have to edit all the furniture for that. Just have to wait until Alpha 23 is released sadly :frowning:


What @Ragnarol says :smiley:
I’m waiting for the official release of the Alpha 23 to make all the changes :wink:


Have anyone an idea when 23 release?


Finally the Update for the Alpha 23 is online!

This release only updates the existing models with the new appeal system of Alpha 23.

Let me know if you find some bugs or other problems with this release :wink:

Downloadlink in the first post :arrow_up: :arrow_up:


Candle holders (wood, metall, stone) don’tgive appeal count. Actual version