Home sweet home 🏡


Ohh i have to take a closer look to this models. Thx for the Report!


Seems a bigger problem. Have to make a reseach why this models doesn’t work properly :frowning:


Bug Update Alpha 23

Wall candle holders

In the first post :arrow_up: :arrow_up:


To get the new updated models you have to delete all existing and craft new ones.

Finally i found the Bug! Now the models work properly. Thx again @EregionChannel for the Report :smiley:


Do you know, how Radiant team choice a mods, which would integrated in game constantly? I’ll raise both hands for your mod.


Unfortunately i don’t :frowning:

But i’m glad you like it ^^ a really good motivation to keep going forward :smiley:


Gain appeal only things, which crafted after mod updating.
Sad but true. All old candle holders in my kingdom must be undeployed and sold.


Ohh yes this can happen with some updated models. I’m sorry :frowning:


Does the object model depend on quality?

The same thing looks different, it’s very cool!


It would be better if you could select or influence it.


No this model is just composed by different parts and by placing it you get alway a random selection :slight_smile:

Just for the reason to not have every time the same fireplace in a custom building :wink:

To be honest i didn’t understand for now witch function have the quality in the game…

I didn’t wanted to make 6 different versions of the same model so i created this single recipe with the random models. Otherwise to have such a variety of models i have to create 5+ models of the same tipe and it will look really strange in the workshop menu… :frowning:


More than 2.000 downloads :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I’m glad the community likes the mod! A good motivation to keep going on to working on this mod.
I also want to repeat that if you have an interesting idea, like new furnitures, decorations or other stuff let me know. I always searching new inspiration!

Again a big thank you to everyone that helps me to realize this mod @Hamnisu, @BrunoSupremo and everybody who gave me good inspirations :smiley:

The new planned update is for the

blacksmith_menu_icon Blacksmith Workshop

Stay tuned! :wink: