Heartlings stop executing the mine orders i gave them or don't collect items on the floor

Title: Mining orders are not executed after a while (perhaps distance related? )

I drag a mine order for about 20 large blocks (4x4) and they only do the first 4 ish lines then stop
Steps to reproduce:

  1. use the large mine tool to mine a bit from a hill then extend the hole you made with about 20 or more in a straight line away from your flag
  2. Heartlings start mining then stop all of a sudden i need to remove the order and redraw smaller then they restart again

Expected Results: that they would mine the hole corridor i assigned

Actual Results: first 4 line of blocks are mined ( not even proper block but more a mess of items mined)

Notes: remove the order and redraw it does help them execute it


Version Number and Mods in use: no mods latest steam version

System Information:

Again, there’s still the idling problem, so try to pause for a few seconds.