Hearthlings wont finish building with park benches in it

I have this building that im building… the only thing left to complete it is to place the 3 wooden park benches i had on its blueprint…

but they wont be placed and they were also not auto queued by the carpenter… even after manually telling them to be built no one will place them and so the building never counts as finished and the scaffolding is never removed.

Also a side note… does anyone else feel like iron is a bit too hard to get? i was stopped for soo long trying to find iron so i could make a knight to progress… i had like 100+ gold bars but almost no iron at all?

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I have the same problem with the benches.
The wooden park bench that I have doesn’t look like the bench needed for the building but i’ve not find any other wooden park bench

Are you using any mods that add or replace furniture? Are you using an old building template that was made many versions ago?

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