Hearthling Shaming. What is your unluckiest hearthling?

Here’s mine!


Manna wooldens day is about to change dramaticly! :jubilant:


Sorry but I dont really get the joke ‘-’

Ps: what are these buttons next to the sun? what mod is this?
Pps: Tree stumps FTW! :smiley:


if you look at the green line that shows where the hearthling is going…to pick up a piece of wood…if needed click on the picture to see who roams where the wood is located.

The buttons next to the sun is the debugtools, they are build into the game and you can find more info on this by a search on the forums.

Oh… Just saw a pile of things I didn’t think about orcs :joy:

Okay thanks. Sorry for asking such stupid questions ^^"

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Btw here is (was) the unluckiest from my hearthlings:

He built my wall but never got back… Poor mexican ._. Okay that joke was terrible… sorry :expressionless:

No there aren’t any doors at all (yes I thought you could build them later on… big mistake)

EDIT: Is this supposed to happen or why do I have the exact same problem two times?

If this happens again (and you’re not against using a small cheat) you can use the command window (ctrl-c) to teleport the hearthling out by clicking on the stuck person, typing teleport and clicking on the area outside (also works for objects stuck on the inside)

thanks for this info. I guess I was too fast and couldn’t see the command… it’s too late anyway

It may be a little hard to see but there are 6 hearthlings in that picture that got walled in. Not sure if it qualifies as much as unlucky rather than stupidity.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ok joke aside. That should help: