Hearth Wars. A Fantastic Adventure

Working on a mod design putting all the info together. Not much of a Coder but I do like Making models, so this will be interesting. This is just an outline.


Barbarian [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons]
-Doomrager [Heavy Armor][Melee Weapons]
-Destroyer [Light Armor][Melee Weapons]

Cleric [Light-Heavy Armor][Melee Weapons][Holy Weapons]
-War Mind [Medium-Heavy Armor][Melee Weapons][Holy Weapons][Mechanical Weapons]
-Holy Warrior [Heavy Armor][Melee Weapons]

Druid [Light Armor][Melee Weapons]
-Wilderness Guardian [Light Armor][Melee Weapons]
-Greenwarden [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons]

Fighter [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons]
-Knight [Heavy Armor][Melee Weapons][Melee Weapons]
-Dragon Slayer [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons][Ranged Weapons]
-Samurai [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons][Melee Weapons]
-Giant Slayer [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons][Ranged Weapons]

Monk [No Armor][No Weapons]
-Sage [Light Armor][Melee Weapons][Holy Weapons]
-Battle Fist [Light-Medium Armor][No Weapons]

Paladin [Heavy Armor][Melee Weapons][Holy Weapons]
-Blackguard [Heavy Armor][Melee Weapons][Holy Weapons]
-Stormlord [Heavy Armor][Melee Weapons][Magic Weapons]
-Crusader [Heavy Armor][Melee Weapons][Holy Weapons]
-Magic Eater [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons][Magic Weapons]

Ranger [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons][Ranged Weapons]
-Marksman [Light Armor][Ranged Weapons]
-Beast Master [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons]

Rogue [Light Armor][Melee Weapons][Magic Weapons][Ranged Weapons]
-Assassin [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons][Ranged Weapons]
-Ninja [Light Armor][Melee Weapons][Ranged Weapons]

Sorcerer [No Armor]
-Dragonlord [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons][Magic Weapons]
-Demon Eater [Light-Medium Armor][Magic Weapons][Ranged Weapons]
-Warlock [No Armor][Magic Weapons]

Wizard [No Armor]
-Wyrm Wizard [Light-Medium Armor][Magic Weapons]
-Necromancer [No Armor][Magic Weapons]
-Alchemist [Light Armor][Melee Weapons][Mechanical Weapons][Magic Weapons]

Engineer [Light Armor][Melee Weapons][Mechanical Weapons]
-Siege Lord [Light-Medium Armor][Melee Weapons][Mechanical Weapons]
-Warmachine [Heavy Armor][Melee Weapons][Mechanical Weapons]


Swords [Melee Weapons]
-Long Sword [Medium Damage][Medium Crit][Medium Speed] Tier 1 Weapon
-Short Sword [Medium Damage][Low Crit][High Speed] Tier 1 Weapon
-Great Sword [Very High Damage][High Crit][Very Slow Speed] Tier 2 Weapon
-Katana [High Damage][High Crit][Very High Speed] Tier 3 Weapon
-Dai-Katana [Very High Damage][High Crit][High Speed] Tier 3 Weapon

Maces [Melee Weapons]
-Great Club
-Siege Mace

Axes [Melee Weapons]
-Hand Axe
-Battle Axe
-Great Axe

Bows [Ranged Weapons]
-Short Bow
-Long Bow
-Compound Bow
-Great Bow

Crossbows [Ranged Weapons]
-Hand Crosbow
-Light Crossbow
-Heavy Crossbow

Thrown Weapons [Ranged Weapons]
-Throwing Knife
-Throwing Axe
-Throwing Star
-Throwing Spear

Spears [Melee Weapons]
-Short Spear
-Long Spear
-Great Spear

Daggers [Melee Weapons]

Siege Gun [Mechanical Weapons]
-Portable Ballistae
-Rock Launcher
-Hand Cannon

Powder Rifles [Mechanical Weapons]

Powder Pistols [Mechanical Weapons]

Holy Weapons

Magic Weapons


Light Armor
-Plated Robes
-Leather Armor
-Fur Armor
-Hide Armor

Medium Armor
-Chain Mail Armor
-Scale Mail Armor
-Ring Mail Armor
-Studded Leather Armor

Heavy Armor
-Platemail Armor
-Full Plate Armor
-Great Plate Armor

Weapon/Armor Resource Tiers

Tier 1 Copper [Copper Ore]
Tier 2 Bronze [Copper Ore][Tin Ore]
Tier 3 Iron [Iron Ore]
Tier 4 Steel [Iron Ore][Coal]
Tier 5 Fel Iron [Iron Ore][Demon Fragment]
Tier 6 Blackstone/Rage Steel [Obsidian][Steel]/[Iron Ore][Demon Fragment][Coal]
Tier 7 Mithril [Mithril Ore]
Tier 8 Celestial/Demon Stone [Angel Tears][Demon Fragment]/[Demon Soul][Demon Fragment]
Tier 9 Adamantium [Adamantium Ore]
Tier 10 Elderstone/Celestial Adamantium [Adamantium][Otherworlder Essence]/[Adamantium][Angel Soul]

Weapon Enchantments
Armor Enchantments
Legendary Weapons
Legendary Armor


Sounds awesome, and the weapons look cool so far. Keep it up and hope to see more soon!