Health Bonus per Profession Level


I have a quick question about the intended behaviour in relation to the health bonus you get for each profession level.

As I understand it:

  • Each hearthling starts with 90 health and gets one additional point per stamina point
  • In addition to this an extra 10 points are added per profession level (max 60 per class at Level 6)
  • there are other bonuses (e.g. fortify for the knight) but not applicable for this particular discussion

What I wanted to check is that when you level a hearthling in multiple classes the health bonus from each is meant to be applied? Currently every class level on a single hearthling adds a bonus. This provides an incentive to multi-skill your hearthlings. Is this intended behaviour?

Many thanks.

Yes, since it is also harder for a hearthlings to level when having more than one proffesion.

For example. If you have a level 3 farmer and change him to a fighter, then the experience it takes to go from level 0 to level 1 fighter is equal to the experience it would take to get a level 3 farmer to a level 4 farmer.
Level 1 fighter to level 2 fighter would require the exp for level 4 to 5 farmer, and so on.

A lot of players use this way to get fighters with higher health

Thanks. So just to clarify.

If I maxed a hearthling out to Level 6 on every profession (x8) it would be the equivalent of getting him to Level 48? And the xp needed for each level would scale accordingly?

In addition a quick side question. Is there an intention to give XP levels to workers? e.g. speed up build time