Hauling in R870


Hello again, it’s me with your weekly Hauling doesn’t happen bug report.

This time it seems alot less severe then previous cases, and only happens to select items
i’ve been playing on this save for about 3 hours and noticed stuff i bought, 1 doesn’t count towards my town inventory
(Example, a Cleric books needs a piece of leather, I buy the piece of leather from the rugged survivalist, days later in the game, the leather hasn’t been moved, NOR has the level 3 Herbalist made the book Because it misses reagents: Leather)

however i didnt think much of it, and left the town to do its thing with the hauling.
Now i bought a bunch of breakfast foods aswell cuz i like some good meals for my hearthlings be4 i can make them myself, and notice it’s been over a week the leather was on the floor there.
I disable all tasks EXCEPT for hauling, a few short minutes later they are “done” hauling everything and go chill at the campfire cuz that’s the default action if there’s nothing else to do.

I reloaded after the task disabling didnt work, and they perceded to register new things to be hauled, and the purchased items are now starting to be moved to appropriate storage

This is just after the reload and all of them have started to haul the stuff around the banner.

weekly haul issue.zip (7.0 MB)

There’s the save too for investigation purposes.

EDIT 1.0
Sidenote, i’ve been noticing R870 is pretty crash prone, on modded AND unmodded saves, i notice it the most when i’m fiddling about with job orders to craft stuff, swap them around, just look at them
i had one crash that i could reproduce the steps go as follows (using the save i provided for the hauling issue)
load save
Create new stockpile
Edit stockpile
set a mining order
watch hearthlings work on a template

this happened twice in very similar fashion, but the 3rd time it did not crash anymore.

armis maximus
better storage
Footman power balance
Important mood
Locks of many hair (nc)
miner profession
Settlement Decor
Smart Crafter


I’ve tested this save a bunch, focusing on buying stuff from merchants and making sure it’s restocked correctly, and haven’t been able to reproduce the issue. If you see it again, can you attach stonehearth.log?


@max99x Don’t have this save anymore, but in following saves, i have not had this same issue, possibly just a one-off bug or something. i am definetly certain this was the case though, as i often found myself buying certain resources, forgetting about them, wanting to craft something with them -> not having them, buying more OR noticing there’s a bunch of what “i dont have” around the banner, cuz i purchased it be4.

but yea, if you can’t reproduce it (12 days later, i havent been playing much stonehearth lately, planning to come back for the big launch) after testing, i’d consider it a one off issue.