Haremstone Part 1 : The Beginning

I’m back!
After a vacation to focus on university and FFXIV, I came back to stonehearth because, well; I missed it.

Today I spawned a couple of worlds to play around and remind myself how not to perish.
After a few iterations of tinkering and starting over I was satisfied I remembered how to play.

I’m particularly pleased that new worlds now have 7 settlers at the start, but I was surprised that this world began with 7 female hearthlings. Lucky.

I plan to take advantage of this opportunity to create a harem kingdom, where all females will be given high social status and top tier jobs such as crafters and soldiers. All males will be given low tier jobs such as gatherers, miners and farmers. If there is no room in my kingdom for more males, they’ll be executed through trial by combat, either until they perish or become too strong, in which case I shall banish them to the deepest part of my dungeons where they’ll slowly perish anyway.

All Hail the Harem King

Will update later with my progress and achievements


Hmmm… Shouldn’t it be an Amazon kingdom then? (A harem is supposed to be for the pleasure of a male king, no?)

Anyway the idea is pretty fun!


There’s a few definitions, and I’m not even sure the harem definition as a genre in manga/anime would describe it as the pleasure for a sole male.
Amazons are more of a warrior type race as well, so it wouldnt be exactly what I want either.

Anyway I chose the name cause it fit nicely with my title as well haha, so it’ll stay harem for now unless I come up with my own title.

(in former times) the separate part of a Muslim household reserved for wives, concubines, and female servants.
synonyms: seraglio; More
the women occupying a harem; the wives (or concubines) of a polygamous man.
a group of female animals sharing a single mate.

Amazon Kingdom or Matriarchy Kingdom (which is run by powerful women)

@micheal_handy76_mh, tx but I guess baneblade17 prefer manga/anime as reference.
That’s mean the things from the real world don’t have any valor anymore, the fantasy being the norm/reference, all and it’s contrary is possible! So whatever you may say will be always true! Quite cool isn’t it?

I think in the future I will call a chair a cloud and the sky the ocean. And blue will be green of course! That’s way I will be able to sit on a cloud to watch the green ocean… :smile:

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I know Harem in anima and manga means same thing as ie: Rosario + Vampire is categorized harem for the fact of all female chasing the 1 male. And all leads. That’s just one example.

But what ever they want to call it, just trying to help


I actually started with 7 females as well once. Didn’t get any male immigrants until I had 9 or 10 hearthlings.

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I do believe it’s possible to have all females, but not all males, unless the code’s been changed since last time I peeked. Because… genetics? No, that doesn’t actually make any sense.

I have to abandon the harem. T_T

Continued the game today and all things went to hell.
My only guard died, villagers were getting chased or staying still and my first building bugged out on me.
My only load is the start of the fight and the building is still bugged a fair bit. Too lazy to salvage the situation so I’ll consider this project a failure.

not even hastily recruiting a second guard saved the first one…

I’ll start over with a different group of victims. Hopefully I’ll be able to weave a story worth telling this time.