Happy Halloween 2013


Happy Halloween you guys! I just wanted to make this topic to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and I thought if any one had anything spooky or frightening like a scary story or maybe some qubicle creations they wanted to tell or show off they could show it here. BOO!!! Ha ha, You should have seen the look on your face :stuck_out_tongue:

:skull: :ghost: I could only find these two SPOOKY emotes, I challenge everyone else to find more!


Happy Halloween indeed! Here’s hoping the kids get to head out this evening… It’s been raining like the end of days here in Houston… :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Halloween to you too !
(even though we all know it’s a commercial and unnecessary holiday yada yada)

Oh dear you forgot the most obvious emote :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern:

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Allow me and my bro Devin to wish you a very Deadly Halloween!

I’m the one on the left


More Crouch
The Trick is in the Posture!

Who is the guy dressed as a covenant and who is the other guy @Vince5754

unless im mistaken, @Vince5754 is on the left (our left)… :smile:

that other dude just happened to be walking by, and decided to strike a pose…

[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:2, topic:3419, full:true”]It’s been raining like the end of days here in Houston… :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t know if you are an Ogre fan but Steve Jackson just lost his house to flooding. May all you souls be safe in Texas and anywhere else you might be tonight.

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thanks for the well wishes! it looks like the cats have stopped, and we only have a downpour of dogs at this point…

if the weatherman can be trusted though, we’ll be good right around 6 or 7 this evening… :smiley:

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Prepare to be spooked.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, but nobody ever celebrates it with me ):


Does that include me?

Me and my friend Dr.Qwak (You will know him if you have been on the minecraft server recently) are thoroughly spooked

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I don’t play Minecraft. I may have said it or not, but I like the concept, not the game.

But I’m glad your super-spooped

Happy Halloween everyone :jack_o_lantern:

That’s like asking," If the penguin can fly…" It just doesn’t work. You know that Steve, I know you know that.

Also @Vince5754 nice. I’m in awe.

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you are absolutely correct… i blame my sugar addled inner child for being overly optimistic…

Indeed… I was once one of… them… but then I learned… the truth… that nothing can…

What am I going on about, candy is awesome!

it is indeed… and i’ve made myself sick, from all the “poison testing” i performed this evening…

anything for the kids though…


How big is the trick or treat thing nowdays? I remember the scene from E.T. where all the kids are on the streets, fully dressed, walking around with candy bags… Is it like that IRL? :smile:

Here in Sweden it is not a big thing, but it happens… and the kids at the door (very rare though!) have no idea of what they are doing since their parents told them to do it for no obvious reason. Anyway, it’s still fun to dress spooky. And the kids love it! We didn’t left the house though, also cold and rainy outside here this season… :wink:

But Halloween is a rather popular thing. The younglings here probably think that Halloween is english for our word “Alla Helgons Dag” (All Saint’s Day), since the only thing people talk about is Halloween :wink:


Absolutely… Some of the older kids take advantage of it, but it’s worth it to see all the little ones out and about… :slight_smile:


Cool :smile:

Over here, the stores are packed with Halloween stuff, they are trying sooo hard to get us into it as well. I guess there is more money to make on Halloween than All Saint’s Day :wink: I guess the scene will be different in 10 years.

Considered posting some scary halloween pics of myself, but I don’t know… Don’t have them here at least :blush: