GUI/Performance Relationship

Howdy Ladies and Gents,

I just noticed a weird correlation, and thought I would pass it along - general system performance can be improved by zooming the GUI in on the activity you want to complete.

I was trying to build a building, with only 10 settlers, materials ready and no other outstanding assignments, and none of them would take up the materials for more than half a day. I zoomed in on the construction site, and all of sudden they sprang to life and started throwing it up crazy fast. Zoom back out, performance goes back down, and work stops.

I prefer to have a bird’s eye view so I can monitor multiple process, but since my building completely stops, I don’t have a choice. My computer will play most new games on at least medium graphics, and about half on high quality graphics.

Thought this would be a good place to look for efficiency improvements.


It is simple. That is because the computer needs to draw more things. And if it is night, also make all the lights, shadows and the calculations for those.

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yep yep it is that simple

the GPU must render more as you pull the camera back
and the CPU must calculate where things are going visually to keep up with the GPU’s output.

so the more you have going on on the screen the slower your PC is going to perform which is why management games and RTS’s can get reeeeeeally laggy and often if you attempt to do too much at any given point. it’s why professional SC players will send out small groups of more powerful units rather than a massive army of smaller units to combat their opponents because it’s just easier to manage framerates with smaller groups.