Guess that feature release!

Today we’ll be playing a game called;



The rules are simple. I’ll take a feature off the Dev roadmap/trello board, and you guys try to guess when that feature will be added. You are allowed to use any resource you have access to, ranging from the forums to the streams to other things.
Our first feature iiiiiiissssss…


When do you think this will be added? If you have an idea, feel free to say so in the comments, and I’ll see ya later!

A14? That’s my guess for more Biomes.

My guess is A17. It’s not a particularly important feature.

well im not 100% certain on this, but i did hear that Water Part II might be attached to more biomes, so that makesbiomes a bit more important of a feature.

100% agreed. Plants in deserts need to be watered more. Swamps, bayous, and mangroves have a lot more water than any other biome, and need new water physics for that. The list goes on.

heresy! biomes lead to environmental effects which lead to accounting for said effects (different types of housing, garments, etc)… :smile:


Think they would want to test biomes soon so I’d think A-13


[quote=“Unatan2, post:7, topic:15945, full:true”]
Think they would want to test biomes soon so I’d think A-13
[/quote]i’m trying to decide between one of these, but i’ll put my vote in for A 13

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It’s okay, I’m pulling for @Unatan2 guess myself (only because it’s sooner rather than later) :slight_smile:

Tomorrow morning is when I’ll count up the stats on this one and move on to the next feature, so hurry up!

wait, you talking to me? if so,

Haha, it seems I’ve proved wrong big time. This is a pleasant surprise. :slight_smile: