Guard Patrol Routes

Suggestion: Instead of having them patrol stockpiles and farms, you can create a patrol route for each party because I don’t like how all my guards are all over my farms and not patrolling the main part of the town.


there is a mod for alpha 18 for this.


You can also set a defense point, where your party will be guarding. If you need more than one defense point, split your party in two or more groups, each with a defense point.

Yes please for this feature.

I’ve found as a small workaround, that you can put down a 1x1 field or storage area at the places you want your parties to visit. It’s not perfect, but it means that they don’t spend all their time guarding things that are already well guarded… or buried deep inside a fortress behind many layers of defense.

So … did anything change on the subject here? I’ve noticed that patrol patterns are still a big issue and guarts just stay away from all important areas by guarding my turnips all the time. I wish that there was just a simple checkbox that would allow to set each party WHAT will they check and what not, so that we can have several groups checing different places by default, just by ticking a box.

Also - does that mod still work with current SH?

I agree this is something they should implement. Allowing you to put multiple defend points that the guards will periodically visit.