Greeklingmod - New kingdom (playable now! WIP)


Hi All!,

Have you ever wanted to scratch that “new kingdom” itch?
have you ever wanted to shout EUREKA and build a bathhouse in stonehearth for no reason since we have no hygiene system?

well now you can!

My GF’s Greeklings (WIP) are now open for busyness, suggestions, comments etc!
have fun!


My secret Mediterranean biome project with olives and grapes has no purpose anymore :glum:


actually, a mediterranian biome is VERY welcomed :D, so says my GF.
(with which i agree, since im working on romans which also want one :stuck_out_tongue: )
but im kinda assuming you are taking the -turnip- with me pawel :wink:


Actually that biome is the reason why Archmod is taking so long… and it isn’t the only secret biome I’m working on cough tall tree forest cough


also, spotted some model alignment issues, expect those fixed tomorrow. (iron and steel armours etc.)
(edit, it was more like that same night…i had inspiration. helmets are currently debug toolable in that build too, just didnt have time for recipes)